Organizing Your Kitchen and Appliances

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There are many reasons why organizing your kitchen and appliances is important. To start with it makes finding items easier and safer. No more reaching into a drawer searching through loose items including knives and graters. And it makes locating the right utensil fast and time efficient. It also removes the clutter that comes from a line of small appliances on the counter. But where do you begin when organizing your kitchen and appliances?

Step One: Knives and sharp items

Use a free standing knife rack or wood block knife holder. This will take them out of the drawers and give you immediate access to each size knife when you are cooking. No more searching through drawers and getting cut. For sharp graters and things like pizza cutters use small hooks to keep them out of drawers or have a special plastic container with a secure lid used to hold these items. This will make these items safer to use.

Step Two: Small Appliances

There are many small appliances in a normal kitchen. These can range from mixers, food processors, blenders, juicers, toasters, toaster ovens, free- standing mixers, a wok, crepe pans, griddles, fondue pots, coffee makers, microwave ovens and bread makers just to name a few. If you have a pantry it will be easier to keep track of them. Using one shelf line them up according to use. This will put the least used items farther to the back. But if there is no pantry a free standing shelving unit will also work. These usually come with at least four shelves sometimes six. Be sure to place the heavier items such as free standing mixers or bread makers on the lower shelves. Doing this will ensure that the shelves will not become top heavy. Or you could fasten the entire unit to the wall before placing items on the shelves. Do remember to keep these dust free so they will be ready for use. It is not a good idea to shove small appliances to the back of cabinets. When its needed you will spend to much time dragging items out of cabinets. Also, do take each care book for the small appliances and keep in a plastic box or divider envelope storage. This way it is available if it is needed.

Step Three: Other Items

Using metal hanging mesh baskets are another way to keep smaller items visible but still neat. Its also an excellent place to store small fruits and vegetables. Also, using pull out stacked drawers in cabinets with the addition of dividers helps to separate things according to use. To organize spices use turn tables in the cabinets for easy access. Use one turn table for frequently used spices and herbs and another one for lesser used ones.

Organizing your kitchen and appliances is an ongoing process. But doing this will give you a safer place to cook your favorite dishes. It also helps if you have children in the house. Taking the time now to get organized will pay off later because your kitchen will run smoother.

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